Megazyme K-DMAL D-苹果酸检测试剂盒 D-Malic Acid Assay Kit

Megazyme K-DMAL D-苹果酸检测试剂盒 D-Malic Acid Assay Kit

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英文名:D-Malic Acid Assay Kit


规格:100 assays (manual) / 1000 assays (micropl

The D-Malic Acid assay kit is suitable for the specific measurement and analysis of D-malic acid (D-malate) in beverages and food products.
Extended cofactors stability. Dissolved cofactors stable for > 1 year at 4oC.
Suitable for manual, auto-analyser and microplate formats.

UV-method for the determination of D-Malic Acid in foodstuffs,
beverages and other materials

(D-malate dehydrogenase)
(1) D-Malic acid + NAD+ → pyruvate + CO2 + NADH + H+

Kit size: 100 assays (manual) / 1000 (microplate)
/ 1100 (auto-analyser)
Method: Spectrophotometric at 340 nm
Reaction time: ~ 6 min
Detection limit: 0.26 mg/L
Application examples:
Wine, beer, fruit juices, soft drinks, dietetic foods, candies, fruit and
vegetables, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other materials
(e.g. biological cultures, samples, etc.)
Method recognition:
Methods based on this principle have been accepted by EEC, EN,

Advantages 优点

  • No wasted D-malate dehydrogenase solution (stable suspension supplied)
  • Very competitive price (cost per test)
  • All reagents stable for > 2 years after preparation
  • Rapid reaction (even with difficult samples)
  • Mega-Calc™ software tool is available from our website for hassle-free raw data processing
  • Standard included
  • Extended cofactors stability
  • Suitable for manual, microplate and auto-analyser formats

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