Harlan 强力霉素饲料 Doxycycline diets

Harlan 强力霉素饲料 Doxycycline diets


Doxycycline diets

Envigo Teklad diets makes a variety of doxycycline containing diets for your Tet regulated systems. TD.01306 with doxycycline hyclate added at 625 mg/kg to Teklad global 2018 rodent diet is stocked and can typically ship within 1 – 2 days (non-irradiated) or 1 – 2 weeks (irradiated). Diets are easily customizable. Custom specifications include: base diet, concentration of doxycycline, and food coloring. Contact us to discuss your needs if you don’t find a suitable option below.


Formula examples with Teklad global 2018 base diet
Doxycycline hyclate1 USP (mg/kg diet) Natural color Alternatives with food coloring
mg per kg diet
46 TD.10483 TD.180327 Red
TD.120240 Blue
100 TD.04233 TD.130840 Blue
200 TD.00502 TD.180625 Red
TD.150431 Blue
TD.04104 Green
625 TD.01306
TD.08541 Red
TD.120769 Blue
TD.09628 Green
1000 TD.05298 TD.06294 Red
TD.120658 Blue
2000 TD.05512 TD.140011 Red
TD.09633 Green
6000 TD.01533

1 Doxycycline hyclate is ~87% doxycycline
2 TD.01306 typically ships within 2 days non-irradiated or 2 weeks with irradiation

Considerations when choosing a base diet

    • Teklad Global Rodent Diets® like 2018 do not contain alfalfa and are thus ideal if your work requires an alfalfa-free diet for fluorescent imaging, If further imaging clarity is needed, we can make purified diets with doxycycline.
    • Teklad global 2018 (base diet in examples above) contains a moderate amount of soybean meal, a source of phytoestrogens. The table below includes several options of minimal phytoestrogen diets with the most common doxycycline concentration of 625 mg/kg diet. For other concentrations contact us. For additional phytoestrogen information, see our list of phytoestrogen references.
Examples of minimal phytoestrogen global rodent diets with doxycycline hyclate1 at 625 mg/kg diet
Base diet Natural color Alternatives with food coloring
mg per kg diet
2014 TD.00426 TD.07382 Red
TD.07573 Yellow
2016 TD.02503 TD.140263 Blue
TD.170364 Red
2019 TD.09651 TD.09761 Green
2020 TD.110720 TD.130141 Red

1 Doxycycline hyclate is ~87% doxycycline

Advantages of diet delivery of doxycycline

  • Typically the same doxycycline concentration can be used in diet as in water. Lower concentrations of doxycycline may be adequate with 625 mg/kg diet being the most common concentration.
  • Diet offers protection from light. Water may have to be given in dark-colored or foil-wrapped bottles
  • Diet is typically changed once per week. Water may need to be changed every few days
  • Diet delivery may also reduce risk of dehydration and preclude the need to give with sucrose (Cawthorne et. al. 2007)

Key planning information

  • Minimum order quantity is 3 kg, sufficient for feeding ~20 mice for one month
  • Store diet refrigerated and plan to use within six months
  • Typical lead time is two weeks (four weeks if irradiated)
    • TD.01306 typically ships within 2 days non-irradiated or 2 weeks with irradiation
  • Irradiation (20 – 50 kGy) is optional, and must be requested at time of order

Safe handling of doxycycline diets

  • Doxycycline is a tetracycline class antibiotic.
  • Usual dose for therapeutic effects in humans is 100-200 mg/day. Doxycycline diets for rodents typically contain ~2 mg/pellet.
  • Accidental doxycycline exposure can be minimized by using typical lab precautions of lab coat, gloves, and mask when handling the diet.
  • Your chemical safety department should be contacted for additional institution specific guidelines for handling and disposal of doxycycline containing diets.


  • 典型的多西环素浓度可以用于饮食和水。低浓度的多西环素可能足够,625毫克/千克的饮食是最常见的浓度。
  • 饮食能保护身体免受光线伤害。水可能必须用深色或铝箔包装的瓶子浇水。
  • 饮食通常每周改变一次。水可能需要每隔几天更换一次。
  • 饮食供应也可以减少脱水的风险,并避免需要给予蔗糖(考索恩等)。艾尔。(2007年)


  • 最小订货量为3公斤,足以喂养20只小鼠一个月。
  • 储存冷冻饮食,并计划在六个月内使用。
  • 典型的准备时间为两周(如果经过辐照,则为四周)
    • TD.01306通常在未经辐照的2天内或在辐照的2周内装运。
  • 辐射(20-50 kGy)是可选的,必须按顺序要求。


  • 强力霉素是四环素类抗生素。
  • 人体治疗效果的一般剂量为每天100至200毫克。用于啮齿动物的多西环素饮食通常含有~2毫克/粒。
  • 当处理饮食时,使用典型的实验室预防措施,如实验室外套、手套和口罩,可以将多西环素意外暴露量降到最低。
  • 您的化学安全部门应联系,以获得额外的机构特定的指导方针,以处理和处置多西环素的饮食。