Harlan Teklad Medicated diets 药物饲料

Harlan Teklad Medicated diets 药物饲料

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Teklad medicated lab animal diets are manufactured either at a subsidiary plant or at our custom research diet facility. Contact customer service or your local Envigo account representative for pricing and availability of stocked diets. Contact a nutritionist to discuss customized versions of these or other medicated diets.


Medicated diets must be used as directed by a veterinarian.

Stocked medicated rodent diets
Primary Purpose Product Code Medication Concentration Base diet Packaging
Fur mite treatment TD.130755 Ivermectin 12 ppm 2018 25 lb bag- irradiated
Pinworm treatment TD.01432 Fenbendazole 150 ppm 2018S 25 lb bag- irradiated*
50 lb bag- autoclavable
Pneumocystis pneumonia
TD.06596 Uniprim® 275 ppm trimethoprim
1365 ppm sulfadiazine
2018 25 lb bag- irradiated*


  • Testing shows very little medication loss due to manufacturing
  • Recommended storage at or below 70 degrees fahrenheit with humidity at or below 65%
  • Durable cylindrical pellets are visually distinct from flattened oval or extruded pellets (see picture)
  • 2018 supports growth and reproduction
  • 2018 is closely related to other Global Rodent Diets, and shares some commonality with traditional rodent diets

The anthelmintic ivermectin is used for the treatment of fur mites. TD.130755 (Irradiated 2018, 12 ppm Ivermectin) is stocked in 25 lb bags. Contact customer service regarding availability of TD.130755.

The anthelmintic fenbendazole is used for treatment of pinworms. TD.01432 (2018S, 150 ppm fenbendazole) is stocked in 25 lb bags that are irradiated or in 50 lb bags that can be autoclaved (note autoclaving reduces fenbendazole concentration and is only recommended if using to treat mice). Contact customer service regarding availability ofTD.01432.

Uniprim® contains trimethoprim and sulfadiazine, used to prevent occurrences of Pneumocystis pneumonia in immunocompromised mice and rats. TD.06596 (Irradiated 2018, 4100 ppm Uniprim®) is stocked in 25 lb bags. Contact customer service regarding availability of TD.06596.

Custom diets with Ivermectin, Uniprim®, and Fenbendazole are available. Modifications include: different base diet, coloring with food dyes, and other dosing concentrations based on your unique requirements. Contact a nutritionist to discuss your needs.

Other medications and compounds such as doxycycline and tamoxifen may be added to diets at our custom research diet facility. Visit our custom research diets site or contact us


主要目的 产品代码 药物治疗 浓度 基础饮食 包装
毛螨处理 TD.130755 伊维菌素 百万分之十二 2018 25磅包-辐照
粉螨治疗 TD.01432 芬苯达唑 百万分之150 2008 S 25磅包-辐照*
TD.06596 Uniprim® 275 ppm甲氧苄啶
1365 ppm磺胺嘧啶
2018 25磅包-辐照*


  • 测试显示制造过程中药物损失很小。
  • 建议贮存温度在华氏70度或以下,湿度在65%或以下
  • 耐用的圆柱形球团在视觉上有别于扁平的椭圆形或挤压球团(见图)
  • 2018支持生长和繁殖
  • 2018与其他全球啮齿动物饮食密切相关,并与传统的啮齿动物饮食有一些共同之处

这个驱虫药伊维菌素用于治疗毛皮螨。TD.130755(辐照2018年,12 ppm伊维菌素)储存在25磅袋。与客户服务部门联系,了解TD.130755.

本发明为驱虫药芬苯达唑。TD.01432(2018S,150 ppm芬苯达唑)储存在25磅经辐照的袋子中,或装在50磅可被压的袋子中(注意,高压灭菌可以降低芬苯达唑的浓度,只有当用于治疗小鼠时才推荐使用)。与客户服务部门联系,了解TD.01432.

Uniprim®含有甲氧苄啶和磺胺嘧啶,用于预防免疫受损小鼠和大鼠肺炎肺孢子虫肺炎的发生。TD.06596(2018年辐照,4100 ppm Uniprim)®)装在25磅重的袋子里。与客户服务部门联系,了解TD.06596.