Bio-Serv 啮齿动物饲料 Rodent Diets

Bio-Serv 啮齿动物饲料 Rodent Diets

Custom Diets

Research protocols may require dietary manipulation of micronutrient or macronutrient profiles to induce or alleviate a physical condition or investigate the mechanisms by which specific nutrients impact disease states. Examples of commonly manipulated nutrients include vitamins and minerals, fat type and level, cholesterol, fiber and protein. Custom diets can also be formulated to include customer supplied test compounds. Bio-Serv can reproduce a previously published formulation, modify our existing formulas or create new formulas based on customer specifications.

Liquid Diets 液体饲料

AIN-76, Shake and Pour
Lieber-DeCarli ’82
Lieber-DeCarli ’82, Shake and Pour
Low Fat, Lieber-DeCarli ’83, ’89, Shake and Pour
Pregnant/Weanling, High Protein, Lieber-DeCarli ’82
Pregnant/Weanling, High Protein, Lieber-DeCarli ’82, Shake and Pour
Liquid Diet Feeding Tubes
and Holders
Shake and Pour Bottle (160 oz.)
Maltose Dextrin
(Dried Glucose Syrup, Fine)

Maltose Dextrin  (Dried Glucose Syrup, Fine)

麦芽糖糊精(干葡萄糖糖浆,细)  Product#   3653

Standard Diets 标准饲料

Rodent Diet, AIN-76A
Rodent Diet, AIN-93G
Rodent Diet, AIN-93M
Ketogenic Diet, AIN-76A-Modified
High Fat, Paste
Mouse DIet, High Fat
Fat Calories (60%), Paste
Mouse Diet, High Fat
Fat Calories (60%), Soft Pellets
Rodent Diet, Grain-Based, Control
Rodent Western Diet
Anhydrous Milkfat (20%), Cholesterol (0.2%), 1/2″ Soft Pellets