Researchdiets D12328 11 kcal% fat w/cornstarch Surwit Diet

Researchdiets D12328 11 kcal% fat w/cornstarch Surwit Diet

11 kcal% fat w/cornstarch Surwit Diet
Used in Research
Obesity Diabetes
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Pellet, Powder, Liquid
Shelf Life
Most diets require storage in a cool dry environment. Stored correctly they should last 6 months.

Control Diets

Used as a control diet for D12330

Professor Richard Surwit designed these diets with us for his diet-induced obesity studies at Duke University.

Diets match 10/27/92 telephone specifications of R. Surwit, Ph. D., Duke University. Formulated by E. A. Ulman, Ph.D., Research Diets, Inc.

November 6, 1992.

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