Hampton 24孔悬滴板 VDX Plate with sealant(带密封剂)

Hampton 24孔悬滴板 VDX Plate with sealant(带密封剂)
Hampton research蛋白结晶试剂代理–上海金畔生物
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  • 悬滴结晶
  • 微桥坐滴结晶
  • 透析按钮™的透析结晶


  • 24孔板凸起盖
  • 密封胶适用于24口孔,准备用盖板密封。
  • 适用于直径22 mm的方形和圆形盖板滑片。
  • 光学透明塑料
  • 用途广、成本效益高的结晶平台
  • 适用于HR3-231和HR3-233-22 mm x 0.22 mm硅化圆盖幻灯片和HR3-215和HR3-217-22 mm x 0.22 mm硅化方形覆盖片。



近似尺寸:15.0厘米x 10.6厘米x2.2厘米。

VDX Plate with sealant


 Hanging drop crystallization

Sitting drop crystallization with Micro-Bridges® or Glass Sitting Drop Rods™

 Dialysis crystallization with Dialysis Buttons™


 24 well plate with raised cover

 Sealant applied to 24 wells, ready to seal with cover slides

 Compatible with 22 mm diameter square and circle cover slides

 Optically clear plastic

 Extremely versatile and cost-effective crystallization platform

Compatible with UV crystal imaging when used with HR3-231 and HR3-233 – 22 mm x 0.22 mm Siliconized circle cover slides and HR3-215 and HR3-217 – 22 mm x 0.22 mm Siliconized square cover slides

24 well crystallization plate for hanging drop or sitting drop vapor diffusion crystallization (when used with Micro-Bridges or Glass Rods), or dialysis crystallization (when used with Dialysis Buttons). Stackable, optically clear plastic 24 well plates with raised covers (to allow room for cover slides) and flat bottoms for exceptional optics. Raised, wide rings around each reservoir (well) minimize cross contamination and allow each well to be individually sealed with 22 mm diameter circle or square cover slides. Plates are individually wrapped and supplied with applied sealant. 15.0 cm x 10.8 cm plate footprint is convenient for manual pipetting and well access while at the same time compatible with some automated liquid handling systems. Approximate dimensions: 15.0 cm x 10.6 cm x 2.2 cm. Approximate well size: 1.7 cm x 1.6 cm. Typical well volume: 500 to 1,000 µl. Well capacity: 3.5 ml.

HR3-172 VDX Plate with sealant 24 plate case
HR3-170 VDX  Plate with sealant 100 plate case
HR3-171  VDX™ Plate with sealant 40 plate case

Harlan TD.07108 Zn Defic. Diet (0.5) 锌缺乏饲料使用说明书

Harlan TD.07108 Zn Defic. Diet (0.5) 锌缺乏饲料使用说明书

Harlan Teklad动物饲料

TD.85419  is 0.5 – 1.5 ppm,Diet TD.07108 is a modification of TD.85419 with 0.5 ppm added zinc as zinc sulfate and purple food coloring. Total zinc is estimated to be 2 – 3.5 ppm (background + added zinc)

TD.85419是0.5 – 1.5 ppm,饮食TD.07108是TD.85419的改良形式,添加了0.5 ppm的锌作为硫酸锌和紫色食用色素。 总锌估计为2-3.5 ppm(基础锌含量+添加的锌)

Harlan Teklad Custom Diet
TD.07108 Zn Defic. Diet (0.5)

Formula g/Kg
Egg White Solids, spray-dried 200
Dextrose, monohydrate 634.2376
Corn Oil 100
Cellulose 29.986
Mineral Mix, Zn Deficient (81264) 25.6902
Chromium Potassium Sulfate, dodecahydrate 0.02
Zinc Sulfate, heptahydrate 0.0022
Vitamin Mix, Teklad (40060) 10
Biotin 0.004
Ethoxyquin, antioxidant 0.02
Purple Food Color 0.04


A zinc deficient diet with 0.5 ppm added zinc as zinc sulfate and purple food coloring. Total zinc estimated to be 2 – 3.5 ppm (background + added zinc). Modified from TD.85419. For the series TD.07108-TD.07110.

Selected Nutrient Information1

% by weight % kcal from
Protein 16.1 16.6
Carbohydrate 58.3 60.1
Fat 10.0 23.2
Kcal/g 3.9
  • Values are calculated from ingredient analysis or manufacturer data

Key Features

  • Purified Diet
  • Adjusted Zinc
  • Color Coded
  • Zinc Sulfate

Key Planning Information

  • Products are made fresh to order
  • Store product at 4°C or lower
  • Use within 6 months (applicable to most diets)
  • Box labeled with product name, manufacturing date, and lot number
  • Replace diet at minimum once per week

More frequent replacement may be advised

  • Lead time:
  • 2 weeks non-irradiated
  • 4 weeks irradiated