Harlan TD.95027 低钙饲料 Low Calcium Diet (0.4% P)

Harlan TD.95027 低钙饲料 Low Calcium Diet (0.4% P)

Harlan Teklad动物饲料

Harlan TD.95027 低钙饲料 Low Calcium Diet (0.4% P)

品牌:Harlan Teklad Custom Diet
英文名称:Low Calcium Diet (0.4% P)

Formula g/Kg
Casein 200.0
L-Cystine 3.0
Sucrose 342.188
Corn Starch 320.0
Soybean Oil 60.0
Cellulose 40.0
Mineral Mix, Ca-P Deficient (79055) 13.37
Potassium Phosphate, monobasic 11.43
Vitamin Mix, Teklad (40060) 10.0
Ethoxyquin, antioxidant 0.012


Casein contributes approximately 0.01% calcium or less. Diet contains about 0.4% phosphorus and 2200 IU vitamin D/kg diet. TD.97191 is a possible ingredient matched control with ~0.6% calcium. For questions about this or other calcium adjusted diets

Selected Nutrient Information1

  % by weight % kcal from
Protein 17.7 18.6
Carbohydrate 63.4 66.7
Fat 6.2 14.7
Kcal/g 3.8  

Values are calculated from ingredient analysis or manufacturer data

Key Features

Purified Diet



伯乐BIO-RAD 垂直电泳槽梳子

伯乐BIO-RAD 垂直电泳槽梳子




用途:用于Mini-PROTEAN Tetra电泳槽

美国伯乐原装小电泳梳子,5把/包,专配美国Bio-Rad 伯乐小垂直板蛋白电泳槽 Mini-PROTEAN electrophoresis cell 使用。可以整包购买,也可以单把购买。

型号 产品名称+规格
165-3354 垂直槽样品梳子(0.75mm,10孔),5把/包
165-3355 垂直槽样品梳子(0.75mm,15孔) ,5把/包
165-3359 垂直槽样品梳子(1.0mm,10孔) ,5把/包
165-3360 垂直槽样品梳子(1.0mm,15孔) ,5把/包
165-3365 垂直槽样品梳子(1.5mm,10孔) ,5把/包
165-3366 垂直槽样品梳子(1.5mm,15孔) ,5把/包


货号 描述 名称 品牌
1653308  INNER GLASS PLATE,5,M-P3  短玻璃板 Bio-rad伯乐
1653310  OUTER GLASS PLT,.75 SP,5,M-P3  0.75的长玻璃板 Bio-rad伯乐
1653311  OUT GLASS PLT W/1mm SP,5,M-P3  1.0的长玻璃板 Bio-rad伯乐
1653312  OUT GLASS PLT W/1.5mmSP,5,M-P3  1.5的长玻璃板 Bio-rad伯乐
1653352  COMB,5 TOOTH,.75mm THK,M-P3  梳子 Bio-rad伯乐
1653353  COMB,9 TOOTH,.75mm THK,M-P3  梳子 Bio-rad伯乐
1653354  COMB,10 TOOTH,.75mm THK,M-P3  梳子 Bio-rad伯乐
1653355  COMB,15 TOOTH,.75mm THK,M-P3  梳子 Bio-rad伯乐
1653356  COMB,2D/PREP,.75mm THK,M-P3  梳子 Bio-rad伯乐
1653357  COMB,5 TOOTH,1mm THK,M-P3  梳子 Bio-rad伯乐
1653358  COMB,9 TOOTH,1mm THK,M-P3  梳子 Bio-rad伯乐
1653359  COMB,10 TOOTH,1mm THK,M-P3  梳子 Bio-rad伯乐
1653360  COMB,15 TOOTH,1mm THK,M-P3  梳子 Bio-rad伯乐
1653365  COMB,10 TOOTH,1.5mm THK,M-P3 10齿 1.5mm厚 电泳梳  梳子 Bio-rad伯乐
1653366  COMB,15 TOOTH,1.5mm THK,M-P3    15齿 1.5mm厚 电泳梳  梳子 Bio-rad伯乐
1652081  MINIPACK GPII CUVETTE,0.4cm,5  4MM电击杯 Bio-rad伯乐
1652082  MINIPACK GPII CUVETTE,0.2cm,5  2MM电击杯 Bio-rad伯乐
1652083  MINIPACK GPII CUVETTE,0.1cM,5  1MM电击杯 Bio-rad伯乐
1652086  CUVETTES 2MM PKG 50 STERILE  电击杯 Bio-rad伯乐
1652088  CUVETTES 4MM PKG 50 STERILE  电击杯 Bio-rad伯乐
1652089  CUVETTES 1MM PKG 50 STERILE  电击杯 Bio-rad伯乐
1652091  GENEPULSER CUVETTE,0.4CM,500PK  电击杯 Bio-rad伯乐
1652092  GENEPULSER CUVETTE,0.2CM,500PK  电击杯 Bio-rad伯乐
1652093  GENEPULSER CUVETTE,0.1CM,500PK  电击杯 Bio-rad伯乐
1653303  CASTING STND W/GASKET,M-P3 Bio-rad伯乐
1653304 CASTING FRAME,M-P3  制胶架 Bio-rad伯乐
1653305 GASKET,CASTING STAND,M-P3  垫条 Bio-rad伯乐
1703931 GEL HOLDER, MINI TRANS-BLOT  转印夹 Bio-rad伯乐
1703932 FILTER PAPER 50/PKG,MINI T/B  厚滤纸 Bio-rad伯乐
1703933 FOAM PADS PKG 0F 4, MINI T/B  海绵垫 Bio-rad伯乐
1610374 PRECISION PLUS STD DUAL COLOR  双色预染蛋白marker Bio-rad伯乐
1610394 Precision Plus Protein Dual Color Standards 5 Pack  5个包装的双色预染蛋白marker Bio-rad伯乐
1610375 PREC PLUS STD KALEIDOSCOPE  蓝色预染蛋白marker Bio-rad伯乐
1620177 IMMUN-BLOT PVDF MEM,26CMX3.3M  PVDF膜 Bio-rad伯乐
1705060 Clarity Western ECL Substrate, 200ml  100ml装Clarity化学发光液 Bio-rad伯乐
1705061 Clarity Western ECL Substrate, 500ml  250ml装Clarity化学发光液 Bio-rad伯乐
1708890 KIT,iSCRIPT cDNA SYNTHESIS,25R  iScript™ cDNA 合成试剂盒 Bio-rad伯乐
1708891 KIT,iSCRIPT cDNA SYNTHES,100R  iScript™ cDNA 合成试剂盒 Bio-rad伯乐
TBS0201 TUBE,STRIP-8,NATL 120 STRIPS  PCR8联管,高位 Bio-rad伯乐
TCS0801 CAP STRIP-8,DOMED 130 STRIPS  PCR8联管盖 Bio-rad伯乐
TCS0803 OPTICAL,8-CAP STRIP,FLAT (120)  PCR8联管盖通用 Bio-rad伯乐
TLS0801 TUBE,STRIP-8,LO-PRO NAT 120/PK  PCR8联管,低位 Bio-rad伯乐
TLS0851 TUBE,STRIP-8,LO-PRO WHT 120/PK  PCR8联管,低位 Bio-rad伯乐
HSP9601 HSP-96,WHT/CLR 50/BX  Hard-Shell® 96 孔全裙边 PCR 反应板,低位 通明 Bio-rad伯乐
HSP9655 HSP-96,WHT/WHT 50/BX  Hard-Shell® 96 孔全裙边 PCR 反应板,低位 白色 Bio-rad伯乐
MLP9601 MULTIPLATE-96,NATL 25/BX  Multiplate96孔无裙边PCR反应板,高位 Bio-rad伯乐
MLP9651 MULTIPLATE-96,WHITE 25/BX  Multiplate96孔无裙边PCR反应板 Bio-rad伯乐
MSB1001 MICROSEAL B ADHES SEAL,100/PK  Microseal® ‘B’ 封板膜 Bio-rad伯乐
1450015 TC10 Counting slides, double-chamber 150 slides (300 samples)  细胞计数板  计数板试剂盒 Bio-rad伯乐
1450016 TC10 Counting slides, double-chamber 300 slides (600 samples)  细胞计数板 计数板试剂盒 Bio-rad伯乐

Harlan Teklad LM-485 Mouse/Rat Sterilizable Diet

Harlan Teklad LM-485 Mouse/Rat Sterilizable Diet

Harlan Teklad动物饲料

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Traditional rodent diets were formulated decades ago based on understanding of rodent nutrition, ingredients, and diet manufacturing at the time. While traditional diets will supply the known nutrient needs of your laboratory animals, we recommend you consider the use of a diet from our newer Teklad Global Rodent Diet® line for your modern research needs.

传统的啮齿动物饮食是几十年前根据对啮齿动物营养,成分和当时饮食制造的了解而制定的。 尽管传统饮食可以满足实验动物的已知营养需求,但我们建议您考虑使用我们较新的Teklad Global RodentDiet®系列饮食来满足您的现代研究需求。


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