Special reagent storage conditions are specified on each product page. Unless otherwise specified, the following conditions are recommended for all Lumiprobe products:

  • Store at -20 Centigrade in the dark
  • Transportation at room temperature for 2-3 weeks is acceptable
  • Keep away from direct sunlight, and avoid long-term exposure to ambient light

The dyes are most stable at -20 Centigrade, but they can be shipped at room temperature without any deterioration for 2-3 weeks. Therefore, there is no need to ship them on ice.

Many products, such as dyes, exhibit some photosensitivity. However, unless otherwise specified on product page, sensitivity to the light is very modest, and there is no need to use dark packaging, or work in the dark. However, direct sun exposure should be avoided (because sunlight contains significant portion of UV light, which is more harmful to fluorophores). And ambient light exposure should be limited – do not let dyes remain in the ambient light for days or weeks.

Some of the products, such as NHS esters, are hydrolyzed by water which is present in the atmosphere, especially in humid environment. When the reagent is taken from the refridgerator, it is necessary to heat the vial to room temperature before opening. Otherwise, atmospheric humidity will immediately condense on cold walls inside the vial, and remain there after closing, decreasing reagent shelf life. After using the reagent, purge the vial with inert gas (dry nitrogen or argon) when possible before closing the vial – this will extend reagent shelf life more. Be careful with gas flow rate when purging powders such as cyanine dye NHS esters, because strong gas jet can bring airborne powder out of the vial.

Adhere to this simple rules to keep your reagents in good shape. And please feel free to contact our technical support about shipping conditions.