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FailSafe PCR System

PCR System kit for end-point applications. Includes everything needed for successful PCR performance. Achieve consistent, high-fidelity results for every DNA template.

Product Details

Before purchasing, we strongly recommend first optimising your PCR conditions using the FailSafe PCR PreMix Selection Kit in order to know which 2X PreMixes to choose with your PCR System kit.

Includes FailSafe PCR Enzyme Mix, a blend of thermostable enzymes containing a 3′→5′ proofreading enzyme for high fidelity, plus your choice of 1, 2, or 8 of the FailSafe PCR 2X PreMixes (100 uL each). 2X PreMixes contain dNTPs, buffer, different concentrations of MgCl2, and PCR Enhancer with betaine.

Key features

  • Bundled and affordable kit with the option to pick and choose your optimal FailSafe 2X PreMixes
  • Consistent and high-fidelity PCR results
  • Extremely high sensitivity and specificity
  • Fidelity at least 3x higher than Taq DNA polymerase

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