SWISSCI 坐滴板 Sitting Drop

SWISSCI 坐滴板 Sitting Drop

The Sitting Drop range in 2 lens, 3 lens, and 48 well formats are available in 3 polymers and offer easy crystal retrieval. Raised, wide wells allow for effective crystal mounting. The wells are conically-shaped creating a lens effect for perfect illumination.

2 Lens Crystallisation Plates

The MRC Crystallisation Plate comes in a 96-well plate format, allowing easy crystal viewing and retrieval and available in UV, PS or UVXPO.

3 Lens Crystallisation Plates

The 3 Lens Crystallisation Plate is ideal for protein crystallisation, presented in a 96-well plate format and available in 3 polymers.

MRC Maxi 48 Well Crystallisation Plates

The MRC Maxi optimisation plate is a new design for macromolecular crystallisation presented in a 48-well format, available in UVXPO, UVP and PS.

UVXPO Sealing Sheets

SWISSCI’s UVXPO Sealing Sheets are a 50 µm film with 50 µm inert encapsulated silicone adhesive.