Hampton 结晶板封口膜ClearSeal Film™ and Applicator

Hampton 结晶板封口膜ClearSeal Film™ and Applicator

Applications 应用

Sealing film used to seal sitting drop crystallization experiments  使用密封膜来密封座滴结晶实验

Features  特征
1.High optical clarity, low auto-fluorescence
2.Easy to handle film; easy to remove liner
3.Pressure sensitive adhesive
4.For best results use specially designed applicator
5.UV transmissable, compatible with UV imaging systems
6.Low birefringence
7.Certified DNase-, RNase-, and nucleic-acid-free
8.Silicone adhesive is non-tacky until pressed against the sealing surface with the applicator
9.Chemically inert; no extractable except at extreme pH
10.Excellent chemical resistance (e.g. DMSO, Methanol, Acetonitrile)
11.Heat and cold resistant, recommended for temperatures from -70°C and 110°C

膜易于处理 ;易拆卸衬垫
为了获得最佳效果 , 请使用专门设计的涂抹器
认证 DNase – , RNase – , 和核酸的游离
硅酮粘合剂是无粘性的 , 直到压在密封表面与涂抹器
化学惰性的 ;除了极端 pH 不能提取优异的耐化学性 (如。DMSO 、甲醇、乙腈)
耐热耐寒 , 温度从 – 70 ° C 至 110 ° C

ClearSeal Film™ and Applicator
ClearSeal Film™ and Applicator
ClearSeal Film Before and After

ClearSeal Film fits all SBS format 96 well plates. Minimal evaporation, minimal cross-well contamination, easy to handle, and optically clear. Single coated, 2 mil (0.05 mm), optically clear polyolefin film with pressure-sensitive silicone-based adhesive. Supplied as a 141 mm x 78 mm film with white polyester release liner (backing). Actual seal area after end tabs removed is 120 x 78 mm Seals well to polypropylene, polystyrene, and polycarbonate plates. Compatible with aqueous and organic solvents. Suitable for use between -70 and 110°C. For best seal, the plate must be sealed with the Film Sealing Paddle HR4-513. ClearSeal Film has a limited shelf life. Must be used before expiration date printed on box. Each pack of film (HR4-521) includes one free Film Sealing Paddle (available separately as HR4-413).

HR4-413 Film Sealing Paddle, 3 7/8″ x 2 15/16″, polyethylene, white. 5 paddles per pack. An alternative to the plate roller or brayer for pressing films to assure a secure uniform seal around all wells on 96-well, 384-well, and 1536-well plates. These paddles are especially recommended for sealing films on raised-rim plates because they fit within the rim of the plate.

Store ClearSeal Filmm at 20°C +/- 10 degrees at 50% RH +/- 10%.

HR4-521 ClearSeal Film 100 pack
HR4-413 Film Sealing Paddle 5 pack