Hampton 石蜡和硅润滑油Paraffin & Silicon Oil

Hampton 石蜡和硅润滑油Paraffin & Silicon Oil

Applications  应用
Microbatch crystallization    microbatch 结晶
Features  特征
Under oil crystallization 在油中结晶
Protect the sample from oxidation  保护样品免于氧化
Screen different temperatures without condensation   屏幕不同温度下不凝结
Description   描述 
Oils used for microbatch and modified microbatch crystallization under oil.

使用的油和改性 microbatch microbatch 结晶油。

Al’s Oil is a 50:50 (volume:volume) mixture of Paraffin Oil and Silicon Oil. Al’s Oil is named after it’s inventor, Allan D’Arcy.

Al 是机油的 50 ∶ 50 (体积 ∶ 体积) 混合物的石蜡油和硅油。Al 的石油是其发明者的名字命名 , Allan D ‘Arcy) 。

Paraffin & Silicon Oil

Paraffin oil
Synonym: Mineral oil
CAS Number [8042-47-5]
EC Number 232-455-8
RTECS PY8047000
MDL Number MFCD00131611
Appearance Colorless, clear, viscous liquid
Refractive Index n20/D 1.467 (literature) n20/D 1.468
IR Spectroscopy Grade
Density 0.838 g/mL at 25°C (literature) 0.85 g/ml at 20°C
Viscosity 40-42 CST at 25°C

Silicon Oil 
Synonyms: Octamethyltrisiloxane
CAS Number: 107-51-7
Appearance: Colorless, clear viscous liquid
Melting Point: -86°C
Boiling Point: 152°C
Refractive Index: 1.38 at 25°C
Viscosity: 1 CST at 25°C
Specific Gravity: 0.82 at 25°C
Density: 0.82 g/mL at 25°C
Surface Tension: 17.4 mN/m

Hampton 石蜡和硅润滑油Paraffin & Silicon Oil

HR3-411 Paraffin Oil 100% – 250 ml
HR3-421 Paraffin Oil 100% – 1 L
HR3-415 Silicon Oil 100% – 250 ml
HR3-423 Silicon Oil 100% – 1 L
HR3-413 Al’s Oil (50:50 Paraffin:Silicon) – 250 ml
HR3-417 Combo Oil Pack (Paraffin, Al’s, & Silicon Oil) – 250 ml of each