AppliChem是欧洲权威生化试剂生产商,质优价廉,产品有上万种之多,覆盖了免疫学、细胞学、分子生物学、蛋白组学、植物学、制药与诊断试剂研发生产等领域,已经成为多家世界著名品牌试剂的供应商。在欧洲素有“小SIGMA”的美誉。欧洲著名生化试剂公司艾普力AppliChem于1992年在德国Gatersleben成立。公司成立伊始,AppliChem的品牌目标为环境分析参 考标准相关产品领域。一年后,即1993年,随着两位著名化学家Markus Frasch博士和Johannes Oeler博士的加入并成为公司常务董事。AppliChem在德国的Darmstadt建立自己的实验室,这样,除了提供原来的环境分析标准相关产品, 还增加了化学试剂、定制合成有机及无机化合物等服务,这些AppliChem的核心业务一直延续至今。在这段时间内,由AppliChem提供的优质产品 大多标记“BioChemcia”(“生化标准”)。作为著名的生化试剂供货商,AppliChem为多家制药、化工等知名企业以及生物技术、生化试剂等著名品牌,如美国Sigma、德国Merck等提供产 品。除了作为全球知名生化产品的OEM供货商,全世界还有成千上万的公共科研机构、大学以及生物技术公司通过直接订购,正在使用AppliChem的优质 产品和服务。

AppliChem GmbH was founded in 1992 in Gatersleben (Saxony-Anhalt). Originally, the object of the company was the production of reference standards for environmental analysis. One year later, the two chemists Dr. Markus Frasch and Dr. Johannes Oeler joined AppliChem and became managing directors. They established laboratories in Darmstadt and offered, in addition to the reference standards, services around chemical products and the custom synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds. These activities have remained the core business till today. Most of these products formed the product line ‘BioChemcia’. Customers are the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, as well as other suppliers of the biotechnological research and production ‘community’. Besides this OEM business, several thousand researchers at public research institutions like universitites and from biotech companies order their research chemicals directly at AppliChem.

Because of the enormous demand, the additional product line ‘Chemica’ was established in 1995, including basic chemicals in several grades and tailor-made solutions.

In the same year the first contacts to European distribution partners were made. Today, AppliChem runs an own office in Denmark and subsidiaries in the U.S.A. (2004) and Singapore (2006).
What distinguishes AppliChem as a supplier of chemicals? Our products are carefully controlled to guarantee that our customers continuously receive the quality they require. This is documented by the certification according to ISO 9001 since July 2000. Since AppliChem is the manufacturer of many of the products listed in the catalog, the prices are very attractive, the delivery times are very short and the flexibility is very high. AppliChem offers all kind of services. These range from custom synthesis, to the preparation of powder mixtures and tailor-made solutions, to the filling and packing of chemicals, including the documentation. AppliChem is able to fulfill almost all of the customer’s requirements.

货号    英文名称    中文名称    规格
A2204,0500    Polyethylene glycol 8000 BioChemica (PEG8000)    PEG8000    500g
A3975,0500    Chymotrypsinogen A    胰凝乳蛋白酶原A/糜蛋白酶原A    500mg
A1381,0500    Brij? 35 BioChemica    Brij? 35    500g
A3427,0500    Tris-Tricine-SDS buffer (5X) BioChemica    Tris-Tricine-SDS buffer (5X)    500ml
A6435,0050    Chloramphenicol pure Ph. Eur.    氯霉素    50g
A3009,0250    Dimethyl sulfoxide pure Ph. Eur.    二甲基亚砜      250ml
A4725,0100    Tris : Tris · HCl – Mixture (pH 8.8)     Tris :HCl (pH 8.8)    100g
A4669,0001    Glucose Oxidase from Aspergillus niger, low catalase    葡萄糖氧化酶    1ml
A6960,0010    Lactate Dehydrogenase Isoenzyme-1, human (LDH-1)    乳酸脱氢酶 同功酶/同工酶 1    10U
A3930,0025    Rhodamin B (C.I. 45170)    罗丹明B    25g
A1060,0025    ACES Buffer grade    ACES缓冲液    25g
A1492,0001    Gentamycin sulfate BioChemica    庆大霉素硫酸盐    1g
A0890,0001    Polymyxin B sulfate BioChemica    多粘菌素B硫酸盐    1g
A6352,0025    Ampicillin sodium salt pure Ph. Eur.    氨苄青霉素钠盐    25g
A3615,0001    Peroxidase from horseradish EIA and Immunology Grade I     过氧化物酶    1KU
A3615,0005    Peroxidase from horseradish EIA and Immunology Grade I     过氧化物酶    5KU
A7003,0100    Streptomycin sulfate pure Ph. Eur.    硫酸链霉素    100g
A1065,0025    CHES Buffer grade    CHES缓冲液    25g
A2298,0025    Brilliant green (C.I. 42040)    亮绿/艳绿    25g
A1088,0001    ABTS? BioChemica    ABTS?    1g
A1493,0005    Kanamycin sulfate BioChemica    硫酸卡那霉素    5g
A1907,0050    Amphotericin B BioChemica    两性霉素B    50mg
A1907,0250    Amphotericin B BioChemica    两性霉素B    250mg
A2228,0025    Tetracycline hydrochloride BioChemica    四环素盐酸盐    25g
A4978,0100    X-Gal Molecular Biology grade    X-Gal    100mg
A1119,0001    Dansyl chloride BioChemica    丹磺酰氯    1g
A1390,0500    Tween? 80 BioChemica    吐温80    500ml
A0785,0500    Choline chloride BioChemica    氯化胆碱    500g
A4148,0025    Trypsin 1:250 from porcine pancreas    猪胰蛋白酶(1:250)    25g
A4011,0010    CHAPS Molecular biology grade    CHAPS    10g
A1070,0050    HEPES sodium salt Buffer grade    HEPES钠盐    50g
A1379,0500    Tris Buffer grade    Tris缓冲液    500g
A0691,0025    Crystal violet (C.I. 42555)    结晶紫    25g
A7686,0005    5-Fluorouracil (BioChemica)    5-氟尿嘧啶    5g
A1380,0010    Benzamidine hydrochloride BioChemica    盐酸苄脒/盐酸苯甲脒    10g
A2947,0100    MOPS Molecular biology grade    MOPS    100g
A2760,0100    RNase A    RNA酶A    100mg
A4289,0025    Pepsin     胃蛋白酶    25g
A4289,0100    Pepsin     胃蛋白酶    100g
A4392,0001    Proteinase K – Solution    蛋白酶K溶液    1ml
A4392,0005    Proteinase K – Solution    蛋白酶K溶液    5ml
A1051,0001    Bromocresol green    溴甲酚绿    1g
A1408,0010    Xylene cyanol FF (C.I. 42135) BioChemica    二甲苯胺    10g
A4730,0050    MES monohydrate Molecular Biology grade    MES(一水)    50g
A1085,0100    Tricine BioChemica    三(羟甲基)甲基甘氨酸    100g
A1795,0025    Fuchsin basic (C.I. 42510) Microscopy grade    品红/洋红 碱性    25g
A1828,0250    Trypsin inhibitor from soybean >7000 BAEE     胰蛋白酶抑制剂    250mg
A0839,0010    Ampicillin sodium salt BioChemica    氨苄青霉素钠盐    10g
A0683,0010    Neutral red (C.I.50040)    中性红    10g
A2205,0010    Pepstatin A     胃蛋白酶抑制剂/抑肽素    10mg
A1078,0025    MOPSO Buffer grade    MOPSO缓冲液    25g
A7282,0250    Betaine hydrochloride pure    甜菜碱    250g
A1828,0001    Trypsin inhibitor from soybean >7000 BAEE    胰蛋白酶抑制剂    1g
A2175,0001    Hygromycin B – Solution    潮霉素B溶液    1ml
A7016,500    TBS (Tris-buffered saline, 10X)    TBS     500ml
A2948,0005    DTT Molecular biology grade    二硫苏糖醇/DTT    5g
A4011,0005    CHAPS Molecular biology grade    CHAPS    5g
A4974,0250    Tween? 20 Molecular Biology grade    吐温20    250ml
A2132,0010    Aprotinin BioChemica    抑肽酶    10mg
A2183,0010    Leupeptin hemisulfate    亮肽素    10mg
A3711,0001    Lysozyme BioChemica    溶菌酶    1g
A1561,0001    Bilirubin pure    胆红素    1g
A1491,0001    Carbenicillin disodium salt BioChemica     羟苄青霉素二钠    1g
A4065,0005    DL-α-Lipoic acid BioChemica    DL-α-硫辛酸    5g
A4619,00005    Antifade    Antifade    0,5ml
A1401,0025    Fast Green FCF (C.I. 42053)    快绿    25g
A1001,0010    DAPI BioChemica    DAPI荧光染料    10mg
A5196,0005    DNA pUC19 Plasmid    pUC19 质粒 DNA    0,05mg
A2114,0050    Agarose low EEO (Agarose Standard)      琼脂糖 低 EEO    50g
A2115,0050    Agarose high EEO      琼脂糖 高 EEO    50g
A2116,0050    Agarose medium EEO      琼脂糖 中 EEO    50g
A3762,0010    Agarose Low Melt Large DNA grade    琼脂糖 低熔点 (大DNA片段)    10g
A1406,0005    Pyronin Y (C.I.45005)      派洛宁Y    5g
A4942,0005    Taq DNA Polymerase Reaction buffer (10X) complete    Taq DNA 聚合酶 反应缓冲液    5ml
A5434,0100    Taq DNA Polymerase DNA-free    Taq DNA 聚合酶    100U
A5220,0005    DNA Marker Phage Lambda – BstE II    DNA Marker (入噬菌体 酶切)    50μg
A4412,0100    DNA Marker Phage Lambda – BstE II (lyophilised)    DNA Marker (入噬菌体 酶切)    100μg
A5194,0005    DNA Marker Phage Lambda – Sty I    DNA Marker (入噬菌体 酶切)    50μg
A5223,0005    DNA Marker Phage Lambda – Hind III    DNA Marker (入噬菌体 酶切)    50μg
A5589,0100    DNA Marker Phage Lambda Hind III (lyophilised)    DNA Marker (入噬菌体 酶切)    100μg
A4259,0250    SDS pure Ph. Eur    十二烷基磺酸钠    250g
A4978,0100    X-Gal Molecular Biology grade    X-Gal    100mg
A0830,0500    Nonfat dried milk powder    脱脂奶粉    500g
A2403,0500    Sodium citrate dihydrate p. A.    柠檬酸钠 二水    500g
A1350,1000    Citric acid monohydrate Buffer grade    无水柠檬酸    1kg
A0939,0010    Adenine BioChemica    腺嘌呤    10g
A0670,0005    Thymine    胸腺嘧啶    5g
A0664,0001    Xanthosine dihydrate BioChemica     黄嘌呤核苷    1g
A0909,0010    Giemsa stain    吉姆萨染料    10g
A4532,0250    Trypsinogen    胰蛋白酶原    250mg
A5069,0010    Coenzyme Q10 BioChemica    辅酶Q /泛醌    10mg
A6611,0100    Albumin, human    白蛋白 (人)    100mg
A0668,0010    Trypan blue (C.I. 23850)    台盼蓝/锥虫蓝    10g
A4532,0250    Trypsinogen    胰蛋白酶原    250mg
A1441,0250    Trypsin inhibitor from soybean >10000 BAEE    胰蛋白酶抑制剂    250mg
A7742,0025    SPDP    SPDP    25mg
A7086,0001    Lithium 3,5-diiodosalicylate    3,5-二碘水杨酸锂    1g
A1666,0025    Iodoacetamide BioChemica    碘乙酰胺    25g
A5238,0500    Protein Marker I (14-116)    蛋白质 marker I 14-116kD    500μl
A4090,0025    Lipase from porcine pancreas    脂肪酶 (猪)    25g
A1553,0250    Tryptone BioChemica    胰蛋白胨    250g
A2202,0025    Genistein BioChemica    染料木黄酮/染料木碱/染料木素    25mg
A5277,0020    Curcumin HPLC grade    姜黄素    20mg
A6775,0005    Azure B (C.I. 52010)    天青B/天蓝B /三甲硫紫    5g
A6980,0025    Pepsinogen II, human    胃蛋白酶原II,人源    25μg
A7002,0025    Neomycin sulfate pure Ph. Eur.    新霉素    25g
A2148,0001    γ-Cyclodextrin BioChemica    γ-环糊精    1g
A2147,0025    β-Cyclodextrin BioChemica     β-环糊精    25g
A2144,0005    Chymostatin    抑凝乳蛋白酶素/抑糜蛋白酶素    5mg
A5197,0005    DNA Phage T7    T7 噬菌体DNA    0.05mg
A2163,0100    Flavin adenine dinucleotide disodium salt dihydrate BioChemica     黄素腺嘌呤二核苷酸    100mg
A6872,0250    D-Glucosamine hydrochloride BioChemica    D-葡萄糖胺    250g
A7690,0001    Ochratoxin A (BioChemica)    赭曲霉素A    1mg
A0427,0010    Safranine O (C.I. 50240) for Microscopy    番红O/沙黄O    10g
A3787,0500    α-Chymotrypsin from bovine pancreas Grade II    胰凝乳蛋白酶/糜蛋白酶 II级    500mg
A4669,0001    Glucose Oxidase from Aspergillus niger, low catalase    葡萄糖氧化酶    1ml
A4488,0100    Benedict’s Reagent for the qualitative determination of sugars    班氏糖定性试剂    100ml
A2084,0005    L-Glutathione reduced BioChemica    L-谷胱甘肽 还原型    5g
A2243,0001    L-Glutathione oxidized BioChemica    L-谷胱甘肽 氧化型    1g
A1847,0025    Dextran 70000 BioChemica    葡聚糖 7000    25g
A2249,0025    Dextran 40000 BioChemica    葡聚糖 4000    25g
A5187,1000    DNA Phage Lambda    入 噬菌体DNA    1mg
A4522,0100    tri-Sodium citrate dihydrate Molecular biology grade    柠檬酸钠 二水    100g
A2310,0025    Alkali blue 6B    碱性蓝 6B    25g
A6932,0500    Bradford – Solution for Protein determination    Bradford 蛋白定量溶液    500ml
A5474,0025    Rhodamine 6G (C.I. 45160)    罗丹明6G    25g
A1345,0100    L-Arginine base pure Ph. Eur., USP    L-精氨酸    100g
A1344,0100    L-Phenylalanine pure Ph. Eur., USP    L-苯丙氨酸    100g
A2783,0500    Fetuin low Endotoxin    胎球蛋白 低内毒    500mg