Research Diets 糖尿病/胰岛素抵抗模型饲料

Research Diets 糖尿病/胰岛素抵抗模型饲料

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美国research diets公司是一家专业生产实验室动物饲料的大型公司,包括脂肪热能的颗粒饲料及各种维生素缺乏饲料的专业供应商,Research Diets是生产动物实验用高脂肪饲料的先驱,可配制高达 60 kcal% 的高脂肪饲料,成份內含各式脂肪及碳水化合物,Research Diets长期陪伴实验室科研人员,以配制研究需要的饲料配方,可用于诱发肥胖病及糖尿病的特殊饲料如D12450B、D12451及 D12492, Research Diets拥有配方饲料种类超过15000种,常规高端饲料10多种如AIN-76A Western饲料等

糖尿病/胰岛素抵抗  Diabetes/ Insulin Resistance


Refined carbohydrate sources such as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are used in many processed foods and surveys in the U.S. have suggested that the intake of this sweetener has increased dramatically since the 1970s. As we have learned over the past few decades, an excess intake of refined carbohydrates is associated with increased weight gain, hypertriglyceridemia (hyper-TG), and insulin resistance (IR) in humans and animal models. In order to understand more about the impact of refined carbohydrates on health and therapies to reduce these metabolic syndrome (MS) phenotypes, certain rodent models have been useful. Purified diets containing around 60% – 70% (by energy) fructose or sucrose (which is a 50:50 molar mixture of fructose and glucose) are capable of elevating TG and glucose production in the liver, ultimately leading to IR and hyper-TG relative to diets containing mainly glucose carbohydrate sources (i.e. dextrose, corn starch). To read more, see our Product Literature.

Product Literature

Types of Diets High fructose, High sucrose
Commonly Used Strains Sprague-Dawley, Wistar rats, Hamsters, C57BL/6, LDLr KO
Matched Control Diets Purified Ingredient match*

*For those requiring a matched control diet, be sure to use a purified ingredient matched diet rather than a grain-based diet.


饮食类型 高果糖,高蔗糖
常用菌株 Sprague-Dawley,Wistar大鼠,仓鼠,C57BL/6,LDLR KO
配对对照日粮 纯化成分匹配*