Harlan Teklad TD.08485 Low Fat Control Diet低脂饲料

Harlan Teklad TD.08485 Low Fat Control Diet低脂饲料

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Control diets can be designed in several ways, depending on what features the researcher wants to modify relative to the high-fat diet. These are just a few examples.

Commonly-used diet-induced obesity (DIO) Teklad rodent diets with 40-45% of calories from fat

Formula g/Kg
Casein 195
DL-Methionine 3
Sucrose 120
Corn Starch 432.99
Maltodextrin 100
Anhydrous Milkfat 37.2
Soybean Oil 12.8
Cellulose 50
Mineral Mix, AIN-76 (170915) 35
Calcium Carbonate 4
Vitamin Mix, Teklad (40060) 10
Ethoxyquin, antioxidant 0.01


This is modified from TD.88137 to reduce fat, reduce sucrose, and remove cholesterol.

elected Nutrient Information1


% by weight % kcal from
Protein 17.3 19.1
Carbohydrate 61.3 67.9
Fat 5.2 13.0
Kcal/g 3.6
  • Values are calculated from ingredient analysis or manufacturer data

Key Features

  • Purified Diet
  • Modification of TD.88137
  • Low Fat & No Added Cholesterol
  • Reduced Sucrose

Key Planning Information

  • Products are made fresh to order
  • Store product at 4°C or lower
  • Use within 6 months (applicable to most diets)
  • Box labeled with product name, manufacturing date, and lot number
  • Replace diet at minimum once per week

More frequent replacement may be advised

  • Lead time:
  • 2 weeks non-irradiated
  • 4 weeks irradiated