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CA.170481 AIN-76A Purified Diet AIN-76A 纯化饲料 harlan
TD.94045 AIN-93G Purified Diet AIN-93G 纯化饲料 harlan
TD.94048 AIN-93M Purified Diet AIN-93M 纯化饲料 harlan
TD.94096 version of AIN-76A suitable for irradiation (vitamin levels are increased) 适合辐照的AIN-76A 饲料 维生素含量增加 harlan
TD.97184 version of AIN-93G suitable for irradiation (vitamin levels are increased) 适合辐照的AIN-93G 饲料 维生素含量增加 harlan
TD.00102 version of AIN-93M suitable for irradiation (vitamin levels are increased) 适合辐照的AIN-93M 饲料 维生素含量增加 harlan
TD.95092 modification of AIN-93G where soybean oil is replaced with corn oil. AIN-93G饲料 豆油改为玉米油 harlan
TD.06414 Adjusted Calories Diet (60/Fat) 卡路里调控饲料 60%脂肪 harlan
TD.06415 Adjusted Calories Diet (45/Fat) 卡路里调控饲料 45%脂肪 harlan
TD.03584 35% Lard Diet (Adj., No C) 35%猪油饲料 harlan
TD.93075 Adjusted Calories Diet (55/fat) 卡路里调控饲料 55%脂肪 harlan
TD.95217 Adjusted Fat Diet 脂肪控饲料 harlan
TD.96132 Adjusted Fat Diet 脂肪控饲料 harlan
TD.88137 Adjusted Kcal Diet (42% from fat 大卡调控饲料 42%脂肪 harlan
TD.08811 45% Kcal Fat Diet (21% MF, 2% SBO) 45%大卡脂肪饲料 42%脂肪 harlan
TD.06416 Adjusted Calories Diet (10/Fat) (a possible control for TD.06415 & TD.06414 listed above) 卡路里调控饲料 10%脂肪 harlan
TD.08810 Low Glycemic Control Diet 低血糖饲料 harlan
TD.96355 Ketogenic Diet 生酮饲料 harlan
TD.84224 Essential Fatty Acid Deficient Diet 必须氨基酸缺损饲料 harlan
TD.88137 Adjusted Calories Diet (42% from fat) 卡路里调控饲料 42%脂肪 harlan
TD.88051 Cocoa Butter and Purina Chow Diet 椰子油和Purina Chow饲料 harlan
TD.90221 Cocoa Butter Diet with 75% Purina Mouse (5015)   harlan
TD.94059 5015, Cocoa Butter, Chol., etc. (excludes cholate)   harlan
TD.02028 Atherogenic Rodent Diet (1.25% Chol. & 0.5% Cholic Acid)   harlan
TD.01383 2018 + 2% Cholesterol   harlan
TD.86143 Vitamin A Deficient Diet   harlan
TD.89123 Vitamin D Deficient Diet   harlan
TD.88163 Vitamin E Deficient Diet   harlan
TD.95247 Folic Acid Deficient Diet   harlan
TD.80396 Iron Deficient Diet   harlan
TD.85419 Zinc Deficient Diet   harlan
TD.88239 Potassium Deficient Diet   harlan
TD.95027 Low Calcium Diet (0.4% P)   harlan
TD.96348 Diet (20% Lactose, 2% Ca, 1.25% P)   harlan
TD.92163 Selenium Deficient Diet   harlan
TD.95125 Iodine Deficient (0.15% PTU)   harlan
TD.93328 Protein Free Diet   harlan
TD.90016 6% Protein Diet   harlan
TD.91352 20% Protein Diet   harlan
TD.90018 40% Protein Diet   harlan
TD.89247 60% Fructose Diet   harlan
TD.86489 Diet with Adjusted Sucrose/Cornstarch   harlan
TD.96348 Diet (20% Lactose, 2% Ca, 1.25% P)   harlan
TD.98090 70% Carbohydrate Diet   harlan
TD.96355 Ketogenic Diet (almost no carbohydrate)   harlan
TD.99366 Amino Acid Diet   harlan
TD.90262 Methionine & Choline Deficient Diet   harlan
TD.00434 Folic Acid Deficient Diet   harlan
TD.99386 No Lysine AA Diet   harlan
TD.90228 Sodium Deficient Diet   harlan
TD.96208 0.49% NaCl Diet   harlan
TD.90229 1% NaCl Diet   harlan
TD.92034 4% NaCl Diet   harlan
TD.92012 8% NaCl Diet   harlan
TD.01306 Rodent Diet (2018 + 625 doxycycline)   harlan
TD.98186 Rodent Diet (7012 + 200 doxycycline)   harlan
TD.92033 Swine Diet (15% Lard, 1.2% Cholesterol)   harlan
TD.92052 Swine Diet (15% Lard, 1.5% Cholesterol)   harlan
TD.93296 Swine Diet (15% Lard, 2% Cholesterol)   harlan
CA.40060 Teklad Vitamin Mix   harlan
CA.40077 AIN-76A Vitamin Mix   harlan
TD.94047 AIN-93 Vitamin Mix   harlan
CA.170915 AIN-76 Mineral Mix   harlan
TD.94046 AIN-93G Mineral Mix   harlan
TD.94049 AIN-93M Mineral Mix   harlan
TD.79055 Calcium & Phosphorus Deficient Mineral Mixed based on AIN-76   harlan
TD.98057 Calcium & Phosphorus Deficient Mineral Mixed based on AIN-93