Molecular Dimensions 蛋白结晶培养箱

Molecular Dimensions 蛋白结晶培养箱

上海金畔生物代理Molecular Dimensions品牌蛋白结晶试剂耗材工具等,我们将竭诚为您服务,欢迎访问Molecular Dimensions官网或者咨询我们获取更多相关Molecular Dimensions品牌产品信息。

Temperature controlled cabinets specifically designed for crystal growth.

All have temperature programming and can be further customised with accessories such as lighting, glazed door, extra shelves, instrument cable ports and humidity control. These incubators need only a small floor space. They have a white interior with easily-cleaned plastic-coated wire shelves, adjustable at 35mm intervals to provide maximum flexibility of positioning. Temperature control is via an electronic controller with digital display, over/under temperature safety cut-outs and warning alarms. The doors are lockable and have a magnetic seal. The large workspace door can be opened wide to provide full-width access.

Molecular Dimensions Cooled Crystallisation Incubators are an economical alternative to building temperature-controlled rooms, and provide much more precise control of crystal growth temperature.


  • 100, 160, 230, and 400-litre models
  • Temperature range 0°C to 50°C
  • Temperature accuracy ± 0.5°C for precise crystal growth conditions
  • Virtually vibration free for undisturbed experiments
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Small foot-print maximises precious floor space in the laboratory

所有产品都具有温度程序,并可进一步定制照明、玻璃门、额外搁板、仪器电缆端口和湿度控制等配件。这些孵化器只需要很小的占地面积。它们的内部为白色,带有易于清洁的塑料涂层金属丝架,可按 35 毫米的间隔进行调节,以提供最大的定位灵活性。温度控制是通过带有数字显示、超温/超温安全切断和警告警报的电子控制器进行的。门可上锁并带有磁性密封。大工作区门可以打开很宽,以提供全宽的访问。



100、160、230 和 400 升型号
温度范围 0°C 至 50°C
温度精度 ± 0.5°C,适用于精确的晶体生长条件

400 litre internal volume cooled crystallization incubator.

Precise and constant temperature
Temperature is controlled electronically. A continuously-running fan guarantees high accuracy of temperature control throughout the cabinet interior and over time, according to DIN-58945.
Heating and cooling
The continuously adjustable fan-mounted electrical resistance heater has low thermal “drag”. It is controlled by a solid-state relay, avoiding steps and relay contact breaking. This design provides maximal accuracy of temperature with “coasting” practically eliminated. The air-cooled refrigeration unit uses CFC-free refrigerant and has a highly efficient heat exchanger. Solenoid valve-bypass operation ensures smooth and continuous running, with minimal vibration.
Easy-to-use, programmable temperature control
A temperature program controller allowing up to 70 set points is fitted as standard. Programing is simple, with a clear digital display of set and actual temperature. Both real time and process time controlled dual set-point temperature programs are available. Set point values or a freely programable ramp function can be selected.
Double security for sample and incubator
The incubators cannot over-heat or over-cool. In the event of a failure, a standby controller with a separate sensor takes over temperature control. Additionally an alarm is sounded. A mechanical safety switch with factory-adjusted release temperature (TWB DIN12880, class 2) protects the incubator against incorrect adjustment of the temperature selector.

400 升内部容积冷却结晶培养箱。

温度由电子控制。根据 DIN-58945,连续运行的风扇可确保整个机柜内部和随时间推移的高精度温度控制。
标配最多可设置 70 个设定点的温度程序控制器。编程简单,设置和实际温度的数字显示清晰。提供实时和过程时间控制的双设定点温度程序。可以选择设定点值或可自由编程的斜坡功能。
培养箱不能过热或过冷。在发生故障时,带有独立传感器的备用控制器接管温度控制。此外还会发出警报。带有出厂调节释放温度(TWB DIN12880,2 级)的机械安全开关可保护培养箱免受温度选择器的错误调节。

MD5-01 Cooled Crystallization Incubator 400 litre 1
MD5-02 Cooled Crystallization Incubator 230 litre 1
MD5-03 Cooled Crystallization Incubator 160 litre 1
MD5-04 Cooled Crystallization Incubator 100 litre 1

Molecular Dimensions品牌介绍

Molecular Dimensions品牌介绍-Molecular Dimensions蛋白结晶

上海金畔生物代理Molecular Dimensions品牌蛋白结晶试剂耗材工具等,我们将竭诚为您服务,欢迎访问Molecular Dimensions官网或者咨询我们获取更多相关Molecular Dimensions品牌产品信息。

Molecular Dimensions 是通过 X 射线晶体学测定蛋白质结构的现代筛网、试剂、其他消耗品和仪器的世界领先供应商。 总部位于纽马克特,在美国设有办事处,在亚洲设有分销点。 该公司成立于 1998 年,为世界各地的晶体学家提供专业产品,通过与旨在开发和商业化创新理念的领先科学家的联盟而不断发展壮大。 目前的联盟包括剑桥分子生物学 MRC 实验室、伦敦帝国理工学院、EMBL Hamburg、CEA Saclay、约克结构生物学实验室、约克大学等等。

Molecular Dimensions is a world leading supplier of modern screens, reagents, other consumables and instrumentation for protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography. Headquartered in Newmarket it has offices in the USA and distribution in Asia. Founded in 1998 to provide specialist products for crystallographers across the world, it has grown through alliances with leading scientists aimed at developing and commercializing innovative ideas. Current alliances include the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Cambridge, Imperial College London, EMBL Hamburg, CEA Saclay, York Structural Biology Laboratory, University of York and many more

MD1-106 MIDASplus™ 96 x 10 ml
MD1-107 MIDASplus™ HT-96 96 x 1 ml
MD1-107-FX MIDASplus™ FX-96 pre-filled plate 96 x 100 µl
MD1-126 MIDASplus™ OPTIMAX 1 kit
MD1-76 Power Combo Value Pack (Morpheus® & MIDASplus™) 192 x 10 ml
MD1-76-HT Power Combo Value Pack (Morpheus® & MIDASplus™) HT-96 192 x 1 ml
MDSR-106- MIDASplus™ Single Reagent 100 ml
MDSR-107- MIDASplus™ HT-96 Single Reagent 100 ml
MD1-123 Morpheus Complete 1 kit
MD1-124 Morpheus Complete HT-96 1 kit
MD1-129 Morpheus Fusion 96 x 10 ml
MD1-130 Morpheus Fusion HT-96 96 x 1 ml
MD1-130-FX Morpheus Fusion FX 96 x 100 µl
MD1-46 Morpheus® 96 x 10 ml
MD1-47 Morpheus® HT-96 96 x 1 ml
MD1-47-FX Morpheus® FX-96 pre-filled plate 96 x 100 µl
MD1-47-GREEN Morpheus® HT-96 Green Screen 96 x 1 ml
MD1-76 Power Combo Value Pack (Morpheus® & MIDASplus™) 192 x 10 ml
MD1-76-HT Power Combo Value Pack (Morpheus® & MIDASplus™) HT-96 192 x 1 mL
MD1-93 The Morpheus® Additive Screen 96 x 100 µL
MDSR-46- Morpheus® Single Reagent 100 ml
MDSR-47- Morpheus® HT-96 Single Reagent 100 ml
EBSR-100- Emerald Screen Single Reagent 100 ml
EBSR-250- Emerald Screen Single Reagent 250 ml
MD15-W12-B Wizard Classic 1 & 2 HT-96 96 x 1.7 ml
MD15-W12-T Wizard Classic 1 & 2 (10mL) 96 x 10 ml
MD15-W1-T Wizard Classic 1 (10mL) 48 x 10 ml
MD15-W2-T Wizard Classic 2 (10mL) 48 x 10 ml
MD15-W34-B Wizard Classic 3 & 4 HT-96 96 x 1.7 ml
MD15-W34-T Wizard Classic 3 & 4 (10mL) 96 x 10 ml
MD15-W3-T Wizard Classic 3 (10mL) 48 x 10 ml
MD15-W4-T Wizard Classic 4 (10mL) 48 x 10 ml
MD15-W-BUNDLE Wizard Tube Bundle Special (10ml) 1
MD15-W-BUNDLE-HT96 Wizard Tube Bundle Special (HT96) 1
MD1-13 3D Structure Screen 48 x 10 mL
MD1-13-ECO 3D Structure Eco Screen 48 x 10 mL
MD1-35 Heavy + Light (3D Structure Screen) Twin Pack HT-96 48 x 1 mL (x 2)
MD1-35-ECO Heavy + Light (3D Structure Screen) Twin Pack HT-96 Eco Screen 48 x 1 ml (x 2)
MD1-35-FX Heavy + Light (3D Structure Screen) Twin Pack FX-96 pre-filled plate 48 x 100 µL (x 2)
MDSR-13- 3D Structure Screen Single Reagent 100 ml
MDSR-13-ECO- 3D Structure Screen Eco Single Reagent 100 ml
MDSR-35- Heavy + Light (3D Structure Screen) Twin Pack HT-96 Single Reagent 100 ml
MDSR-35-ECO- Heavy + Light (3D Structure Screen) Twin Pack HT-96 Eco Single Reagent 100 ml

Molecular Dimensions MD1-25 MemSys

Molecular Dimensions MD1-25 MemSys

上海金畔生物代理Molecular Dimensions品牌蛋白结晶试剂耗材工具等,我们将竭诚为您服务,欢迎访问Molecular Dimensions官网或者咨询我们获取更多相关Molecular Dimensions品牌产品信息。


A systematic screen spanning the key values of pH, precipitant type / concentration and salts for alpha-type transmembrane proteins using vapour diffusion methods. 48 conditions allowing the pH range, precipitants and salts used in membrane protein crystallization to be screened with detergent containing protein drops. The reagents can be easily arranged in systematic array to facilitate the interpretation of results and the design of further optimization experiments.

Features of MemSys™:

  • A systematic approach to screening for initial crystallization conditions for membrane proteins using vapour diffusion methods.
  • Membrane protein solubility is pushed to the limit to provide more information than previous sparse matrix type screens.
  • Includes the pH, precipitant concentration and type, and salts found to be successful.
  • Primarily designed for alpha-type transmembrane proteins, but has also been successfully applied to beta-type outer membrane proteins.

Developed by members of the So Iwata Lab, Imperial College, London. This product is manufactured under an exclusive licence from Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine, London, UK.

使用蒸汽扩散方法对 α 型跨膜蛋白的 pH 值、沉淀剂类型/浓度和盐的关键值进行系统筛选。 48 种条件允许使用含有蛋白质滴剂的洗涤剂筛选膜蛋白质结晶中使用的 pH 值范围、沉淀剂和盐。试剂可以很容易地排列在系统阵列中,以方便结果的解释和进一步优化实验的设计。

MemSys™ 的特点:

包括 pH 值、沉淀剂浓度和类型以及成功的盐类。
主要设计用于 α 型跨膜蛋白,但也已成功应用于 β 型外膜蛋白。
由伦敦帝国理工学院 So Iwata 实验室的成员开发。本产品在英国伦敦帝国理工学院的独家许可下生产。

References   参考文献
“Methods and Results in the crystallization of Membrane proteins” (2003) Ed. Iwata S. (International University Line)

Literature Citing use of Product
1. Gabdulkhakov AG, Fufina TY, Vasilieva LG, Mueller U, Shuvalov VA. Expression, purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray structure analysis of wild-type and L(M196)H-mutant Rhodobacter sphaeroides reaction centres. Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun. 2013; 69(Pt 5): 506-509
2. Nagarathinam K, Jaenecke F, Nakada-Nakura Y, et al. The multidrug-resistance transporter MdfA from Escherichia coli: crystallization and X-ray diffraction analysis. Acta Crystallogr F Struct Biol Commun. 2017; 73(Pt 7): 423-430
3. Zabara, A., Chong, J.T.Y., Martiel, I. et al. Design of ultra-swollen lipidic mesophases for the crystallization of membrane proteins with large extracellular domains. Nat Commun. 2018; 9: 544
4. Lin, Y. Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction studies of melibiose permease. bioRxiv. 2020; 173740
Product # Product Name Unit Size
MD1-04 The Membrane Protein Combination 96 x 10 ml
MD11-60-33 Hanging Drop Starter Kit MemStart™ + MemSys™ HT-96 1 kit
MD1-25 MemSys™ 48 x 10 ml
MD1-33 MemStart™ + MemSys™ HT-96 96 x 1 ml
MDSR-25 MemSys™ Single Reagent 100 ml
MDSR-33 MemStart™ + MemSys™ HT-96 Single Reagent 100 ml

Molecular Dimensions蛋白结晶

Molecular Dimensions蛋白结晶

上海金畔生物代理Molecular Dimensions品牌蛋白结晶试剂耗材,欢迎新老客户访问Molecular Dimensions官网或者咨询我们获取更多产品信息。

Molecular Dimensions是世界的现代筛选,试剂,其他消耗品和仪器的供应商,通过X射线晶体学确定蛋白质结构。该公司成立于1998年,为世界各地的晶体学家提供专业产品,并与的科学家结成联盟,旨在开发和商业化创新理念。该公司目前有20多个项目处于不同的发展阶段,从用于晶体生长的新型屏幕和试剂,新的实验室塑料制品到各种仪器。该公司去年推出了许多独特的产品;RUBIC和Durham蛋白质稳定性筛选,BCS筛选,MIDASplus,Crystallophore No1,Cryo-EM ngrdi-box存储圆盘,无瓶冷冻环系统,ClearVue QuickTear条带和DiffraX。

  • 品牌国别: 英国
  • 品牌简介: Molecular Dimensions 英国Molecular Dimensions 
  • 官网
  • 英国Molecular Dimensions欧洲权威蛋白质结晶试剂与耗材生产商 产品分类: 1.Crystal Growth Screens 晶体生长试剂 ⑴Soluble protein screen 可溶性蛋白结晶试剂 ⑵Membrane Protein Crystallization 膜蛋白结晶化试剂 ①Membrane Protein Crystal Growth Screens > 膜蛋白晶体生长试剂-基于成功。

Molecular Dimensions

英国Molecular Dimensions
英国Molecular Dimensions欧洲权威蛋白质结晶试剂与耗材生产商

1.Crystal Growth Screens 晶体生长试剂

⑴Soluble protein screen 可溶性蛋白结晶试剂
⑵Membrane Protein Crystallization 膜蛋白结晶化试剂
①Membrane Protein Crystal Growth Screens > 膜蛋白晶体生长试剂-基于成功的膜蛋白结晶的现代化的试剂。
②detergent 去垢剂-去垢剂和膜蛋白结晶化的试剂
⑶Protein Complex Screens >蛋白复合结晶化-这些试剂满足维持蛋白-蛋白间交互作用和减少复合物可溶性的双重需要。
⑷Nuclear Receptor Ligand Binding Domains >向心配合体绑定区域的结晶化-提供向心配合体绑定区域的结晶化试剂。

2.Optimization > 优化试剂

⑴Single screen reagents >单个的蛋白结晶试剂-可以提供晶体生长试剂盒中的单独的结晶试剂。
⑵Buffer concentrates >缓冲溶液
⑶Stock Reagents >
PEG Precipitants >
Jeffamines >
Other Precipitants >
⑷The Really Useful Buffer Kit >非常有用的缓冲试剂盒
⑸Optimization screens >晶体优化试剂-提供用于改善晶体质量的凝胶状表面,小分子以及去垢剂。
⑹Crystal growth oils >晶体生长用油类-提供批量化结晶用油类。

3. High-Throughput Consumables >高通量的晶体生长耗材

⑴High-Throughput Crystal Growth Screens >
⑵High-Throughput Plates >
①sitting drop plates
②hanging drop
⑶High-Throughput Adhesive Seals >

4.Plates and Accessories >

5. Cryocrystallography >

6. Protein Expression Media and Protein Production >

⑴SelenoMet Medium >
⑵Protein Expression Media >
⑶Protein Refolding >
⑷GeBaFlex Dialysis and Electroelution tubes >

7.books 工具书

Preparation & Analysis of Protein Crystals
Practical Protein Crystallography
Principles of Protein X-Ray Crystallography
Methods in Enzymology 276
Methods in Enzymology 277
Protein Methods
Protein Crystallization Techniques Strategies & Tips
Crystallization of Nucleic Acids and Proteins
Crystallization of Nucleic Acids and Proteins
Fundamentals of Crystallography
Crystals and Life. A Personal Journey
Understanding Diseases by Understanding Proteins
ICCBM 9 Proceedings
Methods and Results in the Crystallization of Membrane Proteins
Outline of Crystallography for Biologists

8.Tools >一系列对您实验有帮助的工具。

Microtools >微型工具-包括Box of Micro Tools;Micro Knife;Micro Scraper;Micro Needle;Micro Spade;Micro Spatula;Micro Chisel;Micro Prober;Micro Scale;Microtool Handle

9. Mosquito >Mosquito-液滴处理的新工具,其优点是:紧凑,精确,便利,灵活,易于操作,无交叉污染,可随意使用。

10. CrystalPro – Crystal Imaging Systems >

11. Crystal DUVI- DLS/ UV/White Light Imagers >

12. Single Station Personal Pipettor >

13. Incubators >晶体生长孵化器

Cooled Crystallization Incubator 390 litre
Cooled Crystallization Incubator 250 litre
Cooled Crystallization Incubator 180 litre
Cooled Crystallization Incubator 100 litre

14. Crystallography Giftware >

Molecular Dimensions Ltd. was founded in 1998 to provide crystallographers in the UK and Europe with products tailored to meet their specific demands from a local source. During these early days Molecular Dimensions formed some very strong alliances with leading crystallographers to develop and commercialise numerous unique ideas. Today these alliances are just as strong with our new crystalisation screen, MorpheusTM, being the latest example (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK).

In addition to the continued development of our range of unique and intelligent screen solutions, the company has also been required to expand both in its geographical location (Offices in USA and Distribution in Asia) but also in our product portfolio with many new and inventive products being included, most recently CrystalDUVITM. Molecular Dimensions Ltd. continues to be an exciting company to be involved with not only a full pipeline of development ideas but also the willingness and ability to move very quickly and respond to the requirements of the crystallographic community.

We have also added several items of hardware to our catalogue, all of which are of the very highest quality and at the cutting edge of their respective technologies, e.g MosquitoTM, CrystalProTM and RuMed® Incubators. These products continue to evolve through the close collaborative realtionships between Molecular Dimensions and TTP Labtech , TriTek Corp and Rubarth Apparat GmbH.

At Molecular Dimensions Ltd. we focus our efforts on providing you, the crystallographer, with Intelligent Solutions rather than selling everything and anything, thus making it easier for you to find exactly what you need when you need it. We hope that you find everything that you require, but we are always happy to hear any comments, recommendations or ideas that you may have.

Molecular Dimensions部分产品的详细列表:

产品 货号 品牌
Sealing Grease MD6-02 molecular Dimensions
Sitting Drop Bridges MD3-17 molecular Dimensions
Diacon™ MD6-71 molecular Dimensions
Media Optimization Kit™ (Powder) MD12-100 molecular Dimensions
XRL Plate trial pack with CrystalClene Slips MD3-11T molecular Dimensions
SG1™ Screen MD1-88 molecular Dimensions
Super2 Combo Value Pack (JCSG-plus™ & PACT premier™) MD1-75 molecular Dimensions
27.5L Bench Top Incubator (Fully-programmable) MD5-601 molecular Dimensions
10× – 65× zoom with incident and transmitted light MD5-913 molecular Dimensions
Fine Tweezers MD9-25 molecular Dimensions
ClearVue Sheets (UV friendly) MD6-01S molecular Dimensions
QuickTear ClearVue Sheets (perforated strips) HW MD6-41 molecular Dimensions
Hand Roller MD11-04 molecular Dimensions
Detachable Polarizer Set (use with MD5-912 and MD5-913) MD5-921 molecular Dimensions
Empty FLIQ FPLC Columns, 1ml/5ml/10ml/20ml FLIQ Columns molecular Dimensions
Elite protein ladders PAL-EPL-500/2500 molecular Dimensions
NR-LBD™ MD1-24 molecular Dimensions
NR-LBD™ Extension MD1-26 molecular Dimensions
The Nuclear Receptor Combination MD1-27 molecular Dimensions
NR-LBD™ + NR-LBD™ Extension HT-96 MD1-34 molecular Dimensions
MemSys™ MD1-25 molecular Dimensions
MemGold™ MD1-39 molecular Dimensions
MemGold 2 MD1-63 molecular Dimensions
MemGoldMeso™ MD1-114 molecular Dimensions
MemStart™ MD1-21 molecular Dimensions
Morpheus® MD1-46 molecular Dimensions
Morpheus® II MD1-91 molecular Dimensions
ProPlex™ MD1-38 molecular Dimensions