Crystal Positioning Systems(CPS)

Crystal Positioning Systems(CPS)简介

美国Crystal Positioning Systems(CPS)是专业的晶体设备生产商,有兼容SSRL和ALS机器人的样品槽、样品储存和转移用的工具、同步加速器相关工具等,还可根据客户的要求进行产品定制。

10 UNIVERSAL V-1 Pucks *RainbowUnipucks
Thermal ShipperCrystallography at Room Temperature / Controlled Humidity
Bent Cryo-TongPuck Tools
Heating ShieldSynchrotron Tools
Sample Storage Cassette non CopperSSRL Cassettes and Tools
Sample Pin Bases non-CopperSample Mounts and Bases
CX100 Hard Shell Square Grey Shipping CaseTaylor Wharton and shipping accessories
Replacement Ring MagnetsReplacement parts
ALS PuckALS Pucks

货号 产品名称 规格 描述
CP-111-021 Universal V1- Puck 通用型圆盘样品槽
CP-111-022 Double Puck Loading Dewar with Lid 液氮箱
CP-111-026 Puck Wand Base Holder Tool 圆盘样品槽底座转移工具
CP-111-027 Puck Dewar Loading Tool 样品槽转移工具
CP-111-028 Puck Separator Tools (base removal platform and push tool) 样品槽分离工具
CP-111-030 Bent Cryo-Tong 样品槽钳
CP-111-065 One-Piece Shelved Puck Shipping Cane 样品槽架
CP-111-049 CX100 Dry Shipper, with Canister & Shipping Case 液氮罐+运输箱